Summer school 2016

Human Language: From Genes and Brains to Behavior

At the beginning of July 2016, the Language in Interaction Summer school took place for PhD students and Postdocs of our consortium and a selection of PhD students from our partner graduate schools. The Summer school was held near Nijmegen, at the New Hampshire Hotel Holthurnsche Hof in Berg en Dal.

The programme of the Summer school was based on the book by the consortium, ‘Human Language: From Genes and Brains to Behavior’, edited by Peter Hagoort (published by MIT press). The section editors of this volume all hosted one day at the Summer school. Authors were invited to give a lecture on their chapter during a section day.

Programme Booklet

Time Schedule

Week 1:

Sunday July 3: 19.30 Welcome reception

Monday July 4: Cognitive architectures by James McQueen & Antje Meyer

9.00- 9.10 Peter Hagoort: Welcome
9.10-9.30 James McQueen: Cognitive Architectures
9.30- 10.45 Ray Jackendoff: Mental Representations for language
10.45-11.00 coffee/tea break
11.00-12.15 Asli Özyürek & Gerardo Ortega: Language in the visual modality: Co-speech Gesture & Sign
12.15-13.15 lunch
13.15-14.30 Ardi Roelofs: Speaking
14.30-15.45 Sally Andrews: The cognitive architecture of reading: The organisation of an acquired skill
15.45-16.00 coffee/tea break
16.00-16.45 General Discussion: Hot topics
16.45-18.15 PhD joint projects
18.30-20.00 3 course dinner
20.30-22.00 Lindy Hop workshop

Tuesday July 5: The development of language by Caroline Rowland & Evan Kidd

9.00- 9.30 Introduction by Caroline Rowland & Evan Kidd
9.30- 10.45 Sarah Kucker: How to learn a word and build a vocabulary:
                    The dynamic coupling of words and referents in real and developmental time
10.45-11.00 coffee/tea break
11.00-12.15 Shanley Allen & Heike Behrens: Morphosyntactic development
12.15-13.45 lunch
13.45-15.00 Michael Skeide: The ontogeny of the cortical language network
15.00-16.15 Vicky Chondrogianni: Bilingual development: Input and maturation
16.15-16.30 coffee/tea break
16.30-18.00 Roundtable discussion: The way forward in language development research
18.30-20.00 Buffet style dinner

Wednesday July 6: 9.30-12.00 Poster session & Social event in afternoon and evening

Thursday July 7: The functional neurobiology of language by Nina Dronkers

9.00- 9.30 Introduction by Nina Dronkers
9.30- 10.45 Nina Dronkers: Lexical semantics and the MTG
10.45-11.00 coffee/tea break
11.00-12.15 William Marslen-Wilson: Sentence comprehension
12.15-13.45 lunch
13.45-15.00 Peter Hagoort: Beyond the core networks of language
15.00-16.15 Vitória Piai: Electrophysiology measured over the scalp and intracranially:
                                    Examples from context-driven word production
16.15-16.30 coffee/tea break
16.30-18.00 Interactive tutorial on aphasia
18.30-20.00 Buffet style dinner

Friday July 8: Communication with and before language by Ivan Toni & Stephen Levinson

9.00- 9.30 Introduction by Ivan Toni & Stephen Levinson
9.30- 10.45 Stephen Levinson: The Interaction Engine hypothesis
10.45-11.00 coffee/tea break
11.00-12.15 Federico Rossano: Ontogenic development of gestural communication
12.15-13.45 lunch
13.45-15.00 Herb Clark: Iconic communication
15.00-16.15 Ivan Toni: Creation and control of mind-oriented movements
16.15-16.30 coffee/tea break
16.30-18.00 Interactive session on communication
18.30-20.00 Buffet style dinner
20.30-22.00 Pub quiz

Week 2:

Saturday July 9: Neuroanatomy of language by Peter Hagoort

9.00- 9.30 Introduction by Peter Hagoort
9.30- 10.45 Christian Beckmann & Koen Haak: The language connectome
10.45-11.00 coffee/tea break
11.00-12.15 Elia Formisano: The speech ready organization of the human auditory cortex
12.15-13.45 lunch
13.45-15.00 Nicola Palamero-Gallagher: Receptor expression in Broca’s and Wernicke’s regions
15.00-16.15 Peter Hagoort: Towards team science
16.15-16.30 coffee/tea break
16.30-18.00 PhD joint projects
18.30-20.00 BBQ

Sunday July 10: 9.30-12.00 Poster session & Social event in afternoon and evening

Monday July 11: The genetics of language by Simon Fisher

9.00- 9.30 Introduction by Simon Fisher
9.30- 10.45 Timothy Bates: Mapping genes involved in reading and language skills
10.45-11.00 coffee/tea break
11.00-12.15 Clyde Francks: The genetic bases of brain lateralization
12.15-13.45 lunch
13.45-15.00 Sonja Vernes: Neuromolecular approaches to language
15.00-16.15 Wolfgang Enard: A genomic perspective on language evolution
16.15-16.30 coffee/tea break
16.30-18.00 Panel discussion: Impact of new genomic technologies on the language sciences
18.30-20.00 Buffet style dinner
20.30-22.00 Musical Jam Session

Tuesday July 12: Animal models of language by Carel ten Cate & Constance Scharff

9.00- 9.30 Introduction by Carel ten Cate & Constance Scharff
9.30- 10.45 Steffen Hage: Primate vocalizations
10.45-11.00 coffee/tea break
11.00-12.15 Buddhamas Kriengwatana: Speech perception: what do nonhuman animals have to say?
12.15-13.45 lunch
13.45-15.00 Constance Scharff & Mirjam Knörnschild: Genes relevant for vocal learning, speech and language: insights from animal models
15.00-16.15 Carel ten Cate: A comparative overview of artificial grammar learning abilities of animals
16.15-16.30 coffee/tea break
16.30-18.00 Open discussion session
18.30-20.00 3 course dinner

Wednesday July 13: Modeling language by Willem Zuidema

9.00- 9.30 Introduction by Willem Zuidema
9.30- 10.45 Bart de Boer: Computer models of the evolution of speech
10.45-11.00 coffee/tea break
11.00-12.15 Frank Keller: Cognitive models of syntax and sentence processing
12.15-13.45 lunch
13.45-15.00 Stefan Frank: Neural network models of language acquisition and processing
15.00-16.15 Stella Frank & Raquel Alhama: Bayesian models of natural  & artificial language learning
16.15-16.30 coffee/tea break
16.30-17.30 Phong Le & Willem Zuidema: Vector-based and neural models of semantics
17.30-18.00 General discussion
18.30-20.00 Buffet style dinner with presentation PhD joint projects

Thursday July 14: Language and information in the world by Antal van den Bosch & Piek Vossen

9.00- 9.30 Introduction by Antal van den Bosch
9.30- 10.45 Alona Fyshe & Leila Wehbe: Language processing in the brain: mapping neural activity to language meaning
10.45-11.00 coffee/tea break
11.00-12.15 Luc Steels: The robot language learner
12.15-13.45 lunch
13.45-15.00 Walter Daelemans: The robot stylometrist
15.00-16.15 Emiel Krahmer: The robot writer
16.15-16.30 coffee/tea break
16.30-18.00 Parallel demonstrations of computer programs
18.00-20.00 Closing BBQ