Team BabyBRAIN group

In the BabyBRAIN group, we study the development of young children with a multidisciplinary team of researchers. We have backgrounds in (developmental) psychology, cognitive (neuro-)science, movement science, linguistics, and philosophy, and we believe that combining different viewpoints and expertise is essential to understanding the developing mind. In our lab, we value a collaborative attitude, a supportive atmosphere, and learning from one another.

We are based at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour in Nijmegen, Netherlands. If you are interested in collaborating with us or doing an internship in our group, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Staff members

Staff members

Prof. Dr. Sabine Hunnius

Principal investigator

Dr. Marlene Meyer

Associate professor

Dr. Manon Krol


Eline de Boer, MSc

PhD student

Kloe Fico, MSc

PhD student

Tommaso Ghilardi, MSc

PhD student

Anna-Sophie Immel, MSc

PhD student

Francesco Poli, MSc

PhD student

Jessica Ramos-Sanchez, MSc

PhD student

Carlo Rooth, MSc

PhD student

Olesya Moiseenko, MSc

PhD student

Joanna Rutkowska, MSc

PhD student

Erik Verhaar, MSc

PhD student

Renske van de Ven, MA

lab manager

Josje de Valk, MSc

outreach manager

Eline van Petersen

research assistant

Lucas Geelen, MSc

research assistant

Johanna Harder, MSc

research assistant

Anouk Dykstra, MSc

research assistant

Marije Mars, MSc

research assistant

Meike Jodies

student assistant

Jana Bersee

master student

Jelmer Luijt

bachelor student

Giulia Bordenga

student assistant

Luuk Seijsener

student assistant

Hilde Althof

master student


Dr. Ricarda Braukmann


Dr. Hinke Endedijk

Leiden University

Dr. Sarah Gerson

Cardiff University

Dr. Ezgi Kayhan Wagner

University of Potsdam

Dr. Claire Monroy

Keele University

Dr. Markus Paulus

LMU Munich

Dr. Jo van Schaik

Radboud University

Dr. Janny Stapel

Uppsala University

Dr. Stefania Vacaru

Radboud UMC

Dr. Lorijn Zaadnoordijk

Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Danaja Rutar

University of Cambridge

Rocío Fernandez Barrero, MSc

Artinis Medical Systems