Josje de Valk, MSc

Outreach Manager

About me

With great pleasure I completed my master’s degree in Psychology a couple of years ago. In the years that followed, I worked both in research and in the field of communication. In my current position as outreach manager of the Baby and Child Research Center (BRC) , I can combine my interest in research with my passion in marketing and communication.

Among other things, I am responsible for the BRC Social media accounts (excluding Twitter), the website and newsletters. In addition, I am working on matters regarding branding and I aim to enthuse as many parents as possible to participate in our research.

Together with my colleague Lena Ackermann I am also involved in building bridges between science and practice. We do this for instance by starting and maintaining contact with organisations who work with babies and children. Examples are midwife practices, maternity nurses and child daycare centers.

In my spare time I frequently go rock climbing, both in- and outdoors. I also create small illustrations and sometimes design and illustrate birth announcements.


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