Eline van Petersen, MSc

Research assistant

About me

I work as a research assistant on the ‘Preschool Brain Imaging and Behaviour Project’, or PIP for short. PIP is a Europe-wide study tracking the development of children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder and related neurodevelopmental conditions. By combining several neurological, behavioural and cognitive measures we aim to investigate the differences in brain development and behaviour in these young children in order to improve our understanding of the origin of developmental problems. Before I joined this project, I worked with children in various research projects during and after my studies. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my Master’s in Cognitive Neuroscience, both at the Radboud University Nijmegen.


Van Petersen, E., Altgassen, M., Van Lier, R., & Van Leeuwen, T.M. (2020). Enhanced spatial navigation skills in sequence-space synesthetes. Cortex, 130, 49-63. [pdf] [data & code]

Van Leeuwen, T.M., Van Petersen, E., Burghoorn, F., Dingemanse, M., & Van Lier, R. (2019). Autistic traits in synaesthesia: atypical sensory sensitivity and enhanced perception of details. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 374. [pdf] [data & code]