Joanna Rutkowska, MSc

PhD student

About me

The movements we use to carry out different actions depends on our intentions, emotions and plans. Others can use those kinematic cues to reason about our mental states and adapt their behaviour accordingly. I am interested in this interplay between our movement and our social cognition, and specifically its development in infancy. My first study investigates 14-month-olds sensitivity to intention information encoded in grasping movement kinematics, and the second investigates whether emotional information in movement kinematics influences 12-month-old infants’ object exploration. I am also involved in a project evaluating and optimising different facial EMG signal processing methods.

My PhD project is a part of MOTION European Training Network that received funding from Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.


Rutkowska, J.M., Meyer, M., & Hunnius, S. (2021). Adults do not distinguish action intentions based on movement kinematics presented in naturalistic settings. Brain Science, 11, 821.
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